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Pre-K ‘Snows’ How to Have Fun

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Both Pre-K classes had fun sequencing events in Ehlert’s book, Snowballs, last week in the Jackson Library. After we read the beginning where the author is gathering supplies and the birds are coming out, the students sequenced that part. Then they sequenced the middle where the storyteller creates the mom, dad, son, and daughter. Finally, they put the last events in order: the baby, dog, cat, and bird in the melted snow. At the tables, the kids explored the Starfall Snowman app and we watched the video on the big screen during check out. Explore more of Lois Ehlert’s fantastic book creations on the site at the bottom of this post!



Snowball book by Ehlert

Snowball Story Safeshare
Starfall Snowman app
Lois Ehlert site

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