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Catchy Words Spelling AR

Posted in apps, augmented reality, fun events, games, second grade, and spelling

First and second graders had fun on Digital Learning Day today in the Jackson Library! They used a new app to play a spelling game called Catchy Words. They have to find the letters in augmented reality, ‘catch’ them with an iPad, and place the letters in boxes to spell a mystery word. We watched Kirsten Hood‘s video to see how to do it. Fun!

App Review

catchy words app


catchy how to
Kirsten Hood- Catchy how to



Toni Simmons Visits Jackson!

Posted in fun events

Storyteller Toni Simmons visited Jackson Elementary last week and we all had so much fun! She told different stories to each assembly: kindergarten, fifth grade, third and fourth grade, and second and third grade. We heard Abiyoyo’s songs, Pedro’s trickster tale, a caps for sale tale, and we learned why dogs chase cats. Fun! 

toni simmons

Check out highlights of her performances:

Toni Simmons
Toni’s current fee for four sessions is $700.

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