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Ninja Boy and Second Grade

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Last week in the Jackson Library, second graders predicted what would happen to ninja boy when he tried to sneak out of his classroom in Ninja Boy Goes to School. Then we inferred about what his dad was doing when he put a large box on a high shelf…did Ninja Boy get in trouble?  The kids used picture clues and context clues to see why the author compared ninja boy to a tree, a flamingo, and a gorilla. At the tables during check out, the kids used the Ninja Sight Words app to slice the words as they heard them but to leave the other words alone. We sang “Kung Fu Fighting” to end our lesson.


ninja boy goes to school lesson


Ninja Boy Goes to School
Ninja Boy Goes to School

Fry Words Ninja app

Sight Words Ninja app




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Second graders had fun with a new book today by Jessie Sima, Not Quite NARWHAL. They had fun comparing the little unicorn in the story to its narwhal family and then to other, larger unicorns. They were happy to see all of the animals living together at the end. At the computer station, they played a narwhal/unicorn adventure game, Molly’s Adventure. Then we watched Mai’s exciting interactive read-aloud. Learn more about Jessie Sima and her amazing books on her blog link below.


not quite narwhal

Fun Resources


Molly's adventure

Mai Story Book

Jessie Sima

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