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Pre-K ‘Snows’ How to Have Fun

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Both Pre-K classes had fun sequencing events in Ehlert’s book, Snowballs, last week in the Jackson Library. After we read the beginning where the author is gathering supplies and the birds are coming out, the students sequenced that part. Then they sequenced the middle where the storyteller creates the mom, dad, son, and daughter. Finally, they put the last events in order: the baby, dog, cat, and bird in the melted snow. At the tables, the kids explored the Starfall Snowman app and we watched the video on the big screen during check out. Explore more of Lois Ehlert’s fantastic book creations on the site at the bottom of this post!



Snowball book by Ehlert

Snowball Story Safeshare
Starfall Snowman app
Lois Ehlert site

Can You Stack the Cats?

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Can you stack the cats? Pre-K can! Both classes had fun with this Susie Ghahremani (@boygirlparty) book in the Jackson Library! I like how the cats want to be stacked in small groups so they don’t tumble- then the kids are adding 3 cats + 3 cats instead of 6 because what happens with 6 every time…? The story is perfect for Pre-K and the illustrations are delightful!  Fun!

stack the cats
Abrams reviews

Stack the Cats

stack up app
Step by Step stack up app

There Was an Old Monster

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Pre-K had fun today with the Emberley family story, There Was an Old Monster. First we read the story. Then the kids came and put the animals in the monster’s stomach in the order that he ate them. They were surprised at the end when a big neon lion came and ate the monster! We listened to Rebecca Emberley sing the fun song and we did the If You’re a Monster and You Know It dance. At the tables, the kids played with Sago Mini Monsters and Ed Emberley’s Go Away Big Green Monster apps. I am disappointed that the GABGM app is no longer available in the US – I still had it on my iPads from last year. It looks like now it is only available in the Romania iTunes store. Maybe they’ll add it back soon! Before we left, we sang Ms. Patterson’s class version of If You’re a Monster and You Know It. (video below)

pk monster fun


Spooky Fun with Pre-K

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Today Pre-K came to the library to interact with a brand new touch-and-feel spooky book, I Dare You! by Nicole Maubert.  It’s frighteningly festive! The pages have adorable ‘spooky creatures’ with texture to touch. They get to peek under a bed, touch a sticky snake tongue, and feel a furry spider! They had a blast!

At the tables, the kids created unique monster creations with Mo Willem’s Mo on the Go app: Leo’s Monster Maker. They turn the boxes to change the monster top, middle, and bottom body parts to make a fun new creature. The author Mo Willems even put his own face as a choice for one of the faces! Fun!


I dare you book

never touch a monster book

I Dare You! PK Lesson

mo's monster maker app


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