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Jackson Library Dot Day


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9/10/18 GHO Test 3:30 w Lintelman/Kincaid after school

9/13/18 Library Lesson 8:40 w Shearman’s class & sub

Tumblebook, discussion, index cards for speakers, draw dots

assignment for later: writing, AR dots …?

9/13/18 GHO at 9:10 or 9:15 w Shearman’s bl. 5th Jackson Plano & Lintelman’s bil. 5th CFBISD

Ms. Shearman’s bilingual fifth graders had fun discussing Peter Reynold’s book, The Dot, with Ms. Lintelman’s bilingual fifth graders at McWhorter Elementary in Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD last Thursday!  We set up Google Hangouts on my MacBook in the library to ask each other critical thinking questions about the book. It was fun getting another class’ perspective on the book. Check out our discussions below! Ms. Lintelman and I worked together to create a writing assignment the kids will share with each other. Friday was the official International Dot Day, and  both classes wrote about how they encouraged someone like Vashti did in the story or how someone encouraged them. We’re going to mail the papers so the other class can read them. We also discussed collaborating some more with these two classes later in the year. Fun!

Learn more about International Dot Day here:

Dot Day

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writing tek

tech tek



dot day gho 2018

Writing Assignment



Ogle Library Dot Day

Google Hangouts

In September 2018, some Ogle students met with three other classes across the metroplex to discuss Peter and Paul Reynolds’ book, The Dot for International Dot Day.  Ms. Moura’s first graders met with Ms. Lintelman’s fifth graders in CFBISD through a Google Hangout videoconference to share pictures they created based on Crews’ Ten Black Dots. Then her class asked our kids questions about how Vashti felt during different times in the story and Ms. Moura’s class held up happy or sad feelings cards. Ms. Sims’ second graders met with Ms. Thornbrugh’s bilingual second graders in Plano ISD and shared math story problems involving separating and connecting sets of objects with dots. We used the app Draw and Tell for this. Ms. Pease’s first grade class connected with Ms. Lintelman’s fifth grade afternoon class to discuss overcoming struggles in real life. Then we shared our pictures-drawn-from-a-dot to see if they could guess the object. Fun! Check out the video snippets of each conference below.




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