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Groundhog Day Fun

Posted in holiday, picture book lesson, and seasonal books

Last week in the Jackson Library, kindergarten had fun creating Groundhog Day puppets- see pattern below. First graders practiced listening and sequencing with Mr. Groundhog Wants the Day Off. Did you know that Plano ISD has a subscription to Tumblebooks? The Spanish version of this story is featured on Tumblebooks. Maybe Tumblebooks will add the English version of this story next year. As students listened to the story, they drew lines to match the gifts all of the animals gave to Mr. Groundhog for his big day.  

kids ghd



Groundhog facts video

Grumpy Groundhog Read Aloud


Mr. Groundhog Wants the Day Off Eng

Spanish: Tumblebook



Groundhog-Wants-the-Day-Off stu sheet




dia de Marmota libro




Spelling Our Names with Osmo

Posted in games

Kindergarten enrichment loves our new @playosmo game! When I was at Ogle, I took photographs of the kindergarteners and uploaded their names into Osmo Words in my online account. Then they play in ‘Versus’ mode (pairs) to see who can earn the most points for correct letters to spell the person’s name. The part the kids enjoy the most is calling over the person whose picture is displayed and getting ‘expert’ help. Fun!


How to upload your own album:

Spanish resources

Osmo Words Help


Osmo names



What Will Hatch?

Posted in nonfiction lesson, and picture book lesson

Last week in the Jackson Library, kindergarteners listened to Jennifer Ward’s What Will Hatch? They were surprised to see a crocodile and a platypus in this nonfiction book! They drew lines to match the animal to its egg at the tables and decorated an egg at the computer station.



Susie's site
Susie’s site

What will Hatch – connect type of egg to type of animal

What Animals Lay Eggs? video

what will hatch

What will hatch match

make an egg

Little Blue and Little Yellow

Posted in picture book lesson

Kindergarten loved the Lionni story, Little Blue and Little Yellow. We discussed what a ‘classic’ book is and how this book is still loved even though it is very old. At the tables, they tore pieces from yellow and blue squares to create their own little yellow and little blue and then they drew a game for them to play together. Check out our library bulletin board!

Little Blue and Little Yellow

Little Blue/Little Yellow Art/Writing Activity

Spa Pequeno Azul y Pequeno Amarillo Actividad

Little blue and little yellow bulletin board


bull bd

Little Blue and Little Yellow Safeshare



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