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Show, Don’t Tell with Mentor Texts

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Fourth graders used a Seesaw template I created to match dull “telling” sentences with their “showing”, descriptive counterparts. I found the descriptive counterparts in various library books. The kids worked in pairs to match the quality description from the books to their simple counterpart. To prepare them for the lesson, we read Moonlight and admired the vivid imagery the author created. Then we read a story I wrote about camp and discussed the ‘show, don’t tell’ strategy.  For independent practice, they worked in pairs on the matching Seesaw activity.

show dont tell


mentor texts writing

Mentor texts used:

mentor texts

My Camp Story Sample  Sneak in the Setting

The Wonky Donkey and Seesaw

Posted in bilingual, first grade, picture book lesson, technology, and TTESS 1819

Last week, I created my first Seesaw activity! (link below) After reading The Wonky Donkey and singing the song, the first graders had to think of a NEW flaw for the donkey. They used Seesaw in pairs to draw their wonkier donkey and they used the microphone to tell about its new flaw. They had a blast!

wonky donkey lessoh








wonky donkey alina celester

This is a Moose…Or Is It?

Posted in apps, fifth grade, picture book lesson, reading skills, technology, and writing

Last week in the Jackson Library, fifth graders studied characters by their appearance, actions, and dialogue in the book, This is a Moose. After the story, they used a Seesaw activity I created to complete a bubble map describing the character(s) of their choice. They were allowed to use two physical attributes and the rest were to be personality traits. Check out their awesome work!


Character Trait Bubble Map Seesaw Activity

director bubble map

grandma bubble map

moose bubble map

moose's friends bubble map


Dot Day Character Traits with Seesaw

Posted in picture book lesson, and second grade

Jackson Elementary second graders had fun learning about Seesaw and how to post work on the site/app. This week, we read the Peter Reynolds’ book, The Dot, and discussed how Vashti felt during the story. After we watched the Tumblebook book animation, the kids worked in pairs to use Deanna Perkins’ character trait activity in Seesaw. I love how this activity makes them think of careful word choice and adds words to their vocabulary they might have not thought of before. We love Seesaw, too!

Deanna Perkins The Dot Activity – Character Analysis in Seesaw

kids using Seesaw Dot Day

Deanna Perkins The Dot Activity – Character Analysis in Seesaw

Learn more about International Dot Day here!


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