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Month: September 2019

Exploring Animals with Pebble Go: English and Spanish

Posted in first grade, picture book lesson, and technology

First graders enjoyed the award winning read aloud, Oh No! by Fleming and Rohmann. They predicted what would happen at the end of the story and who came to rescue the animals. At the tables, they watched the book trailer, sequenced the animals (sheet below),  and rotated on the computers to explore animal information on Pebble Go in English and Spanish. PebbleGo is one of our district databases.  The kids can listen to the sounds, read short text, and watch videos to go with each animal. After check out, they watched a San Diego zoo video about tigers. Fun!


oh no


Oh No! student sheet


Thomas the tiger video


Oh No! story and PebbleGo database

This is a Moose…Or Is It?

Posted in apps, fifth grade, picture book lesson, reading skills, technology, and writing

Last week in the Jackson Library, fifth graders studied characters by their appearance, actions, and dialogue in the book, This is a Moose. After the story, they used a Seesaw activity I created to complete a bubble map describing the character(s) of their choice. They were allowed to use two physical attributes and the rest were to be personality traits. Check out their awesome work!


Character Trait Bubble Map Seesaw Activity

director bubble map

grandma bubble map

moose bubble map

moose's friends bubble map


Lucia la Luchadora

Posted in bilingual, picture book lesson, reading skills, second grade, social-emotional learning, and writing

One book we are reading to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the Jackson Library is Lucia la Luchadora by Cynthia Leonor Garza. Last week, the second graders identified causes and effects in the story. Since the boys teased Lucia, she asked her abuela for help. When she wore the luchadora costume and mask, she had the courage to rescue Coco from the top of the slide. We discussed stereotypes and assumptions people make about appearances and how to overcome those with inner confidence and strength. After the story, the kids wrote a sentence about what some people perceive as a limitation, and then wrote what they CAN do despite that perception. This great idea is from Ms. Rodrigo’s Twitter feed! Finally, they colored their own Nino (from Yuyi Morales’ Nino Wrestles the World book) or Lucia la Luchadora (mask drawn by me) to take home to finish. 


Curriculum Guide

Hou Chronicle Author Interview

Lucia luchadora mask – drawing attempt by AK

Niño mask

Nino Activities

Lucia la Luchadora sentence strip I can activity


bil Lucia La Luchadora sentences

Lesson idea from Ms. Rodrigo’s Twitter Feed

sent strip 1

Check out Cynthia Leonor Garza’s new book about Lucia!


Kitten’s First Full Moon

Posted in kindergarten, and picture book lesson

Last week in the Jackson Library, kindergarteners listened to the story, Kitten’s First Full Moon by Henkes. During the story, they had to identify picture cause and effect events. At the tables, they matched the events again and watched two video versions of the book. They love this instant classic book!

Kitten's first full moon


Kitten’s First Full Moon

Kitten’s First Full Moon -Henkes – Safeshare video

kitten cause effect stu sheet

Dot Day Character Traits with Seesaw

Posted in picture book lesson, and second grade

Jackson Elementary second graders had fun learning about Seesaw and how to post work on the site/app. This week, we read the Peter Reynolds’ book, The Dot, and discussed how Vashti felt during the story. After we watched the Tumblebook book animation, the kids worked in pairs to use Deanna Perkins’ character trait activity in Seesaw. I love how this activity makes them think of careful word choice and adds words to their vocabulary they might have not thought of before. We love Seesaw, too!

Deanna Perkins The Dot Activity – Character Analysis in Seesaw

kids using Seesaw Dot Day

Deanna Perkins The Dot Activity – Character Analysis in Seesaw

Learn more about International Dot Day here!


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