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Pierre the Penguin: Narrative Nonfiction for Kindergarten

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Today in the Jackson Library, kindergarteners enjoyed a narrative nonfiction story about a penguin with a problem. Since Pierre the Penguin is an adorable rhyming book that tells how a scientist helped a penguin solve a problem, I used this book to teach story elements. Then the kids created their own neoprene suit for Pierre like the one Pam made in the book. We did a penguin dance after check out!


Pierre the Penguin lesson

Pinkfong Penguin song
Put a Wetsuit on Pierre
pierre jpg
Mr R penguin song

Media Literacy with 4th Grade

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Fourth graders analyze media by scrutinizing fake websites, identifying propaganda techniques in commercials, finding the purpose of print ads, differentiating between formal and informal language, explaining how design elements of advertising affect the viewer (pacing, sound), spotting scams and hoaxes and more in the Jackson Library. In this video, they are exploring the website Edumosis and discussing whether this app should be purchased or not and why. This involves critical reading and they find out something interesting when scrolling to the bottom to read the disclaimer!

This lesson is in the 12-10-18 portion of the 4th grade section of my media literacy minute Google Slides on my Media Literacy blog page link below.

4th TEK 14 Reading/Media Literacy – Students use comprehension skills to analyze how words, images, graphics and sounds work together in various forms to impact meaning. 

A) explain positive and negative impacts of advertisement techniques genres of media to impact consumer behavior

B) explain how various design techniques (pacing, close-ups, sound effects)  used in media influence the message

C) compare various written conventions used in digital media (language in formal e-mail vs language in a web-based article) 

media literacyLessons
media lit
Media Literacy TEKS

Kindergarten Uses AR to Manipulate a Fire Truck

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Last week in the Jackson Library, kindergarten used an augmented reality app, Quiver, to manipulate a virtual fire truck.  After reading Camiones de Bomberos/Fire Trucks, we labeled parts of the fire truck and discussed the functions of each. Then at the tables, the kids used Quiver to see their fire truck page in 3D and to spray the hose, raise the ladder, drive the truck, and sound the siren. During check out, we listened to Mr. 7 Yea!’s firefighter story and songs about what to do if there is a fire. 

fire truck w kinder


Fire Truck Song   Fire Safety HK   Get Outside


Mr. 7 Yea

Sparky's Firehouse

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