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Be Proud of Your ‘Crown’

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Last week in the Jackson Library, students read Hair Love/Amor de pelo and Crown. We discussed how styling our hair can be fun or frustrating and how we should be proud of our heritage and the physical characteristics that it gifts us.   The kids drew new hair designs on bookmarks before they checked out books.

hair lesson pictures for Crown and Hair Love/amor de pelo

design haircut bookmarks


Crown Read Aloud

Crown bookmark – design the haircut


Derrick Barnes’ website



Crown Act
The Crown Act

The Hair of Zoe video

Amor de pelo
Amor de pelo read aloud

amor de pelo bookmark –diseñar el corte de pelo



Matthew A. Cherry website

Hair Love awards

Groundhog Day Fun

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Last week in the Jackson Library, kindergarten had fun creating Groundhog Day puppets- see pattern below. First graders practiced listening and sequencing with Mr. Groundhog Wants the Day Off. Did you know that Plano ISD has a subscription to Tumblebooks? The Spanish version of this story is featured on Tumblebooks. Maybe Tumblebooks will add the English version of this story next year. As students listened to the story, they drew lines to match the gifts all of the animals gave to Mr. Groundhog for his big day.  

kids ghd



Groundhog facts video

Grumpy Groundhog Read Aloud


Mr. Groundhog Wants the Day Off Eng

Spanish: Tumblebook



Groundhog-Wants-the-Day-Off stu sheet




dia de Marmota libro




Dear Basketball Revisited 2022

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This week in the Jackson Library, fifth grade read Kobe Bryant’s Dear Basketball poem (we used MrsBlewettELA’s TPT Questions) and watched the Oscar-winning short animated movie.  Fifth graders wrote a letter to SOMETHING they love. If they wrote a poem, they wadded up some paper to shoot a basket into the trash can. This idea is from Michael Bonner. Fun! 

Embedded: Arthur, Garcia classes

scroll down for more

Arthur Garcia 5 poems
Click to read more below! 
Kuwitzky Valentin Burkhead poems

Dear Basketball film
Dear Basketball short film

Dear Basketball website

LINK to 2020 Lesson


Bonner quote














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