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Last week in the Jackson Elementary Library, first graders enjoyed a big-screen version of the Reynolds/Santat book, DUDE!  First we read it through once, looking closely at the pictures. The second time we read it, the kids held up index cards with words around it: 

Yay!   Hey…   Oh no!   Ha!   Guys…?   Hello!  What? 

When they saw the picture that went with each ‘DUDE!’ they had to interpret the ‘DUDE!’ as one of the index card phrases.  So when the animals saw the steep cliff rocks ahead when they were surfing, the kids would hold up ‘Oh no!’ as the translation for ‘DUDE!’  When two different answers emerged, we had a great discussion as to why both answers might be right. The kids LOVED this book!  At the tables during check out, we had fun with Sago Ocean.

DUDE! lesson

sago mini ocean swimmer

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