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Texting Story with The Widow’s Broom

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Fifth graders “gathered around the fire, where embers of a dying flame glowed upon the hearth” (to quote from our story) in the Jackson Library this week. They huddled around the imaginary fire to hear a spooky story that is also a mystery to solve, The Widow’s Broom by Chris van Allsburg. We tacked STAAR strategies like using context clues, making inferences, and mapping the broom’s character traits. At the tables, the kids had a choice to use Texting Story to re-create a text message ‘conversation’ between two of the characters or to use Toontastic to animate one section of the story. They had fun and were so creative!

texting story wb

Teacher’s Guide for The Widow’s Broom

Widows Broom II questions

TEK 6: Reading Comprehension of Literary Text/Fiction: Students understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of fiction and provide evidence from text to support their understanding. Students are expected to:

A) describe the incidents that advance the story or novel, explaining how each incident gives rise to foreshadow future events

B) explain the roles and functions of characters in various plots, including their relationships and conflicts




Creepy Carrots!

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Second graders came to the Jackson Library today and had fun with an October classic, Creepy Carrots! We discussed cause and effect, read the story, and they identified causes and effects involving Jasper the rabbit. Sometimes they had to identify the cause and sometimes the effect.

CAUSE                                                         EFFECT

Jasper started taking carrots                   The carrots began to follow him

Jasper had nightmares.                            He called his dad in his bedroom.

Jasper was worried.                                  He devised a plan/idea.

Jasper built a fence.                                  The carrots were happy.

At the computer station, the kids played Carrot Crave on the Cool Math website. 

creepy carrots cause/effect

Creepy Carrots

carrot crave
Carrot Crave

Safeshare videoSafeshare


Be sure to get the sequel to Creepy Carrots, Creepy Pair of Underwear! Out now! 


Fright School!

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Last week in the Jackson Library, first graders had fun with a new spooky story, Fright School, by Janet Lawler. There are excellent vocabulary words in the story, so I created an interactive poster with words and corresponding pictures. We used context and the fun illustrations to determine the meanings of the words. During check out, we had fun with Amanda Noll’s I Need My Monster interactive storybook app and no spooky library lesson would be complete without doing The Monster Shuffle dance at the end!

words studied: scolds, seeping, relish, foul, clutch, quake, peer


 Fright School

Author site, video, quiz

Fright School lesson

I Need My Monster book app

Janet Lawler’s site

Interstellar Cinderella

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In the Jackson Library, fourth graders read Interstellar Cinderella on the big screen and made predictions, pre-loaded vocabulary (video of socket wrench in action), observed foreshadowing by the author (Why did the author have Cinderella put the socket wrench in her pocket?) (How will Cinderella escape from the attic?), used context clues, and made comparisons to the original fairy tale. Then I paired the students to take a Kahoot! quiz. 

Interstellar Cinderella


Interstellar Cinderella

RIF Guide for Educators- includes vocabulary

TEK 6; Reading/Comprehension of Literary Text/Fiction: Students understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of fiction and provide evidence from text to support their understanding. Students are expected to:

A) sequence and summarize the plot’s main events and explain their influence on future events

B) describe the interaction of characters including their relationships and the changes they undergo

Kahoot! Game Assessment

cahootkahoot pro edu


kahoot comment

tweet edublog

Oh No!

Posted in first grade, picture book lesson, and technology

First graders enjoyed the fun read aloud, Oh No! in the Jackson Library. We predicted which animal was making the BA-BOOM! noise when it walked and then predicted what the animals would say when the tiger wanted help out of the hole. At the tables, the kids rotated on tablets to learn more about animals on the savannah with the app, Savanna Adventures.


oh no


Kinder Solves a Rhyme Crime

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Kindergarteners at Jackson became sleuths this week when we read the famous artist Jon Burgerman’s book, Rhyme Crime. They laughed out loud at the funny drawings and rhyming pairs in the book. When Hammy’s hat was swapped for a cat, the kids had to come to the poster put the cat on Hammy’s head. They loved solving the riddle of how the thief escaped jail at the end!  We played the Partners in Rhyme app during check out. After check out, we played Jack Hartmann’s fun interactive rhyming game! 

rhyme crime

rhyme crime

partners in rhyme app
Q and A w Jon Burgerman


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Today second graders at Jackson Elementary had fun with Airlie Anderson’s book, Neither. We categorized the animals in the story as THIS, THAT or belonging to the inclusive LAND OF ALL.  What a great lesson! At the tables, the kids had to create their own unique animal that would fit into The Land of All. At the computer station, the kids created their own mixed up Land of All creatures using the Build Your Wild Self computer game.  During check out, we watched the adorable Haylie’s read aloud version of the book. Check out the other awesome books Airlie Anderson has written on her site below. I can’t wait to check those out too! Bravo!

Neither - book


pictures by kids

Build Your Wild Self game

stu animal

Airlie Anderson's site

You DON’T Want a Unicorn!

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First graders laughed out loud last week when we read Ame Dyckman’s You DON’T Want a Unicorn!  They categorized what is good and bad about owning a unicorn for a pet. At the computer station, we played ABCYa Molly unicorn games and watched the Bronco Stories read aloud on YouTube during check out. This book is going to be a classic favorite! Check out Ame’s website below. We can’t wait for her new book in April about Dandy the Lion!

you don't want a unicorn


You DON’T Want a Unicorn!

You Don't Want a Unicorn

more or less

Mollys Magic Adventure


ame dyckman
Ame’s Website

Coming in April!

Dandy the LIon


Posted in picture book lesson, and second grade

Second graders had fun with a new book today by Jessie Sima, Not Quite NARWHAL. They had fun comparing the little unicorn in the story to its narwhal family and then to other, larger unicorns. They were happy to see all of the animals living together at the end. At the computer station, they played a narwhal/unicorn adventure game, Molly’s Adventure. Then we watched Mai’s exciting interactive read-aloud. Learn more about Jessie Sima and her amazing books on her blog link below.


not quite narwhal

Fun Resources


Molly's adventure

Mai Story Book

Jessie Sima

Dot Day Google Hangout 2018

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Ms. Shearman’s bilingual fifth graders had fun discussing Peter Reynold’s book, The Dot, with Ms. Lintelman’s bilingual fifth graders at McWhorter Elementary in Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD last Thursday!  We set up Google Hangouts on my MacBook in the library to ask each other critical thinking questions about the book. It was fun getting another class’ perspective on the book. Check out our discussions below! Ms. Lintelman and I worked together to create a writing assignment the kids will share with each other. Friday was the official International Dot Day, and  both classes wrote about how they encouraged someone like Vashti did in the story or how someone encouraged them. We’re going to mail the papers so the other class can read them. We also discussed collaborating some more with these two classes later in the year. Fun!

Learn more about International Dot Day here:

Dot Day

Click here for our: Ⓓⓞⓣ Ⓓⓐⓨ ②⓪①⑧ Lesson Plans


writing tek

tech tek



dot day gho 2018

Writing Assignment


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