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Today second graders at Jackson Elementary had fun with Airlie Anderson’s book, Neither. We categorized the animals in the story as THIS, THAT or belonging to the inclusive LAND OF ALL.  What a great lesson! At the tables, the kids had to create their own unique animal that would fit into The Land of All. At the computer station, the kids created their own mixed up Land of All creatures using the Build Your Wild Self computer game.  During check out, we watched the adorable Haylie’s read aloud version of the book. Check out the other awesome books Airlie Anderson has written on her site below. I can’t wait to check those out too! Bravo!

Neither - book


pictures by kids

Build Your Wild Self game

stu animal

Airlie Anderson's site

You DON’T Want a Unicorn!

Posted in first grade, and picture book lesson

First graders laughed out loud last week when we read Ame Dyckman’s You DON’T Want a Unicorn!  They categorized what is good and bad about owning a unicorn for a pet. At the computer station, we played ABCYa Molly unicorn games and watched the Bronco Stories read aloud on YouTube during check out. This book is going to be a classic favorite! Check out Ame’s website below. We can’t wait for her new book in April about Dandy the Lion!

you don't want a unicorn


You DON’T Want a Unicorn!

You Don't Want a Unicorn

more or less

Mollys Magic Adventure


ame dyckman
Ame’s Website

Coming in April!

Dandy the LIon


Posted in picture book lesson, and second grade

Second graders had fun with a new book today by Jessie Sima, Not Quite NARWHAL. They had fun comparing the little unicorn in the story to its narwhal family and then to other, larger unicorns. They were happy to see all of the animals living together at the end. At the computer station, they played a narwhal/unicorn adventure game, Molly’s Adventure. Then we watched Mai’s exciting interactive read-aloud. Learn more about Jessie Sima and her amazing books on her blog link below.


not quite narwhal

Fun Resources


Molly's adventure

Mai Story Book

Jessie Sima

Dot Day Google Hangout 2018

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Ms. Shearman’s bilingual fifth graders had fun discussing Peter Reynold’s book, The Dot, with Ms. Lintelman’s bilingual fifth graders at McWhorter Elementary in Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD last Thursday!  We set up Google Hangouts on my MacBook in the library to ask each other critical thinking questions about the book. It was fun getting another class’ perspective on the book. Check out our discussions below! Ms. Lintelman and I worked together to create a writing assignment the kids will share with each other. Friday was the official International Dot Day, and  both classes wrote about how they encouraged someone like Vashti did in the story or how someone encouraged them. We’re going to mail the papers so the other class can read them. We also discussed collaborating some more with these two classes later in the year. Fun!

Learn more about International Dot Day here:

Dot Day

Click here for our: Ⓓⓞⓣ Ⓓⓐⓨ ②⓪①⑧ Lesson Plans


writing tek

tech tek



dot day gho 2018

Writing Assignment


Count the Monkeys

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Kindergarteners and first graders sure did have fun this week in the Jackson Library counting the monkeys! We read this hilarious book by Mac Barnett and then the kids designed their own monkey counting page like the ones that DIDN’T appear in the story! At the computer station, they played a monkey numerical order game and checked out books. Fun!

Count the Monkeyscount the monkeys activities

Make a page for a counting book

Bananas Song on Safeshare TV

numerical order monkeys

Rockin’ in Our School Shoes

Posted in first grade, kindergarten, and picture book lesson

Kindergarteners and first graders had fun in the Jackson Library last week with Pete the Cat! After reading Pete the Cat: Rockin’ in My School Shoes, the kids pretended Pete was at Jackson Elementary and thought of something he might love at school. They created their own book page! Then they explored Starfall at the computer station.


Pete the Cat School Stu Sheet

boy on computer

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