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Make A Digital Name Plate

Posted in remote learning, and technology

Thanks to Spark Creativity, Betsy Mork, for her digital name tent idea and Google Drive template! The fourth and fifth graders are loving it during remote learning! Just post in your Google Drive, share it with your students, and share the link to it in your Google Classroom! The kids love it. Check out their creativity! 

STEPS to post this assignment to your Google Classroom:

  1. Download the zip file to your C Drive
  2. Choose the Google Drive Editable Printable file
  3. Click the ENABLE EDITING button
  4. Right click on the assignment link
  5. Choose OPEN LINK
  6. It will ask: Would you like to make a copy? Click the blue MAKE A COPY BUTTON of Hi My Name Is
  7. The template will open. Click on the name of the file and rename it for your class
  8. Go to your Google Classroom
  9. Click the black +CREATE button
  10. Choose ASSIGNMENT
  11. Create the title and type the instructions
  12. Click ADD LINK
  13. Paste the link to the renamed assignment in your Google Drive. If you can’t find the link, click SHARE again on the assignment in Google Drive to get it, copy it, and go to ADD (paperclip) under your assignment description and paste the link. 
  14. When you add the assignment link, be sure to use the drop down menu next to it to choose EACH STUDENT WILL GET A COPY
  15. each stu gets copy
  16. Change the menu settings on the right: 
  17. TOPIC: Is Week (1): August 17-21
  19. STUDENTS ASSIGNED – I don’t assign it to certain stu
  20. AT THE TOP: Click black ASSIGN button to get the pull-down menu
  21. assign menu button
  22. Choose SCHEDULE and set the date you want the students to receive the assignment
  23. schedule
  24. If you change your mind when you want it to be assigned, you can go back to the black ASSIGN button and go to SCHEDULE and change the date.

betsy mork name tent

name tent
name tent
name tent
name plate

Check out Betsy’s awesome blog!

spark creativity blog


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