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Month: January 2019


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Last week in the Jackson Library, first graders analyzed character traits and the motives of the characters in @bobshea ‘s Cheetah Can’t Lose picture book. As we read the book about Cheetah racing the kittens, we watched the little kittens snicker and Cheetah become more brazen with his bragging. The kids started putting velcro boxes on Cheetah’s feet, balloons in his hand, and sundaes in his mouth on the poster to think about what was really going on here.  I think the visual poster in addition to reading the book helps them to conceptualize what is happening. After deducing that the kittens were trying to make Cheetah lose the race, we discussed the complex ending and why it ended that way. It was a great discussion on how to be a true friend and the characteristics of a friend. At the tables, the kids recalled the objects the kittens used to thwart Cheetah.


What Happened to Cheetah?


Map Skills with Second Grade

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Second graders came to the Jackson Library this week to reinforce map skills they are learning in the classroom. I created a map of some Jackson Elementary hallways and asked them to find D-3 and draw a certain shape in a certain color on that grid square. Then I asked them which teacher’s room is there. They used the compass rose to then travel (3 west and 1 north) to see whose room was in that spot. Then they drew an orange triangle on that classroom. I asked them what grid coordinates made up the library. (3!) Then we discussed the map legend and what “R” might mean. (Restroom) After they checked out books, they viewed a photo I put on the screen of their classroom as a reference and used Classroom Architect on the computers to re-create a map of their classroom. Fun!

Where in the World is Walter?
Jackson Map
Classroom Architect

Havrist – Map of Ms. Rome’s classroom
Ayushree- Ms. Rome’s room


Ms. Rome’s room
Elisabeth- Bobadilla
Elisabeth- Ms. Bobadilla’s Room


map skills lesson photos

Kindergarten Studies Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Last week in the Jackson Library, kindergarteners studied the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We read The Sweet Smell of Roses and discussed the impact his words had on changing laws in America. The monolingual kindergarten classes colored and completed an emergent reader (by Simply Kinder) and sang songs, while the bilingual class colored a Spanish reader (by The ABC Bilingual Patch) and sang this awesome Spanish version of “We Will Overcome” from a class on YouTube. All children watched the MLK BrainPop video about his life.


MLK Jr activities for kindergarten


MLK Jr. Day

Simply Kinder Emergent Reader – ENG

ABC Bilingual Patch MLK Emergent Reader – SPA







Words Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Last week in the Jackson Library, third graders listened to Martin’s Big Words by Rappaport and then wrote their own words to guide their decisions. We discussed the power Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s words had to activate peaceful change in America. Then they used the PathOn app to create a shape or freestyle design for their words with their photo. They wrote a rough draft of their sentence/phrase first and I approved them before they were given an iPad. I love how they utilized the filters and fonts! 



martin's big words book
Click for Kirkus Review

Student Samples
spiral sample
More Student Samples
stu creating
Martin’s Big Words


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This new year in the Jackson Library, we are thinking of how to describe our goals in one word. Fifth graders thought of their word to live by and used PicCollage EDU to showcase it. I love their choices! When they finished, they were to write their one word in Google’s Music Lab Song Maker and set it to music! 

Our One Word Idea from @melisa_hayes

canva art: Our NY Res 2019


one word






Chrome Music Lab – Song Maker

song maker

4th Grade
4th grade one word
Music Maker Google
Click ‘play’ to hear the ‘song’! 
This idea is from @Lynne_Owen

sample spa




flipgrid QR


Nonfiction Text Features with Third Grade

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Third graders had fun creating talking nonfiction text features using the Chatterkid Pix app in the library before winter break. They were to explain the purpose of the text feature and to give concrete examples in a first person voice. They had so much fun! When they finished, they played Sara Malchow’s BeeBot Robot Nonfiction Text Features Game. (see link to her TPT store below)

Chatterkid Pix app
nonfiction text features lesson

Sarah Malchow's TPT store
Beebot Game from Sara Malchow’s TPT Store

BeeBot Game

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