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Map Skills with Second Grade

Posted in Social Studies, and technology

Second graders came to the Jackson Library this week to reinforce map skills they are learning in the classroom. I created a map of some Jackson Elementary hallways and asked them to find D-3 and draw a certain shape in a certain color on that grid square. Then I asked them which teacher’s room is there. They used the compass rose to then travel (3 west and 1 north) to see whose room was in that spot. Then they drew an orange triangle on that classroom. I asked them what grid coordinates made up the library. (3!) Then we discussed the map legend and what “R” might mean. (Restroom) After they checked out books, they viewed a photo I put on the screen of their classroom as a reference and used Classroom Architect on the computers to re-create a map of their classroom. Fun!

Where in the World is Walter?
Jackson Map
Classroom Architect

Havrist – Map of Ms. Rome’s classroom
Ayushree- Ms. Rome’s room


Ms. Rome’s room
Elisabeth- Bobadilla
Elisabeth- Ms. Bobadilla’s Room


map skills lesson photos

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